We have developed our software programs to bring the "best of the web" directly and safely to your home computer (or your school library, science center, or museum). They have been tested and used by over one million visitors at the Houston Museum of Natural Science and other fine science centers. Our software is some of the least expensive, up-to-date, NASA-developed resource available - easy enough for a child to use, and in depth enough to students of all ages.


Our 2 main software suites are Space Update and Earth Update. We know that science isn't static, so this software is designed to allow easy updates of the images and movies it displays. Once you install the software to your hard drive using the simple Setup application, you can easily keep it up to date. When you see an image that can be updated, an "Update Image" button will enable - just click and the new image will download to you, either from the original source or from our mirror site.

Behind the scenes we are browsing the internet for new images and discoveries, and receive all NASA press releases of new material. We combine new material (suitable for middle-school students), and post it to our servers. Selecting "Update Data" from within any of our software applications will enable you to do a complete update of your installation, downloading new topics and media files from our servers. In this way any installation can stay up-to-date with the very latest space research!


Most of our software titles are available in full-screen versions that black out the remainder of the display window, preventing access to the desktop and any OS menus or toolbars. These versions are perfect for kiosks or computer classrooms where there's a need to limit access to the computer, and are available from the various software page links, as application-only downloads, without any required support files. You will need to have purchased or installed the regular version of the software title first, then place the full-screen version of the app in the same folder. Full-screen versions of our software all require a registration number to run beyond their 30-day demo. Contact sales@spaceupdate.com to acquire a registration number.

Here is a summary of all our current software. Explore the links for detailed information.

Software Description Sales Download Notes*
Earth Update 5 spheres of Earth science - updating with today's data BUY FS, REG
-- Atmosphere Earth Update module - weather, global warming with EU EU, FS, REG
-- Biosphere Earth Update module - biodiversity, vegetation with EU EU, FS, REG
-- Cryosphere Earth Update module - snow,sea ice with EU EU, FS, REG
-- Geosphere Earth Update module - earthquakes, volcanoes with EU EU, FS, REG
-- Hydrosphere Earth Update module - hurricanes, El Niño with EU EU, FS, REG
Space Update 4 modules of space science - updating with today's data BUY FS, REG
-- Astronomy Update Space Update module - astronomy objects and discoveries with SU SU, FS, REG
-- Sky Tonight Space Update module - night sky stars, constellations, planets with SU SU, FS, REG
-- Solar System Update Space Update module - solar system objects and discoveries with SU SU, FS, REG
-- Space Weather Space Update module - aurora, solar forecasts, satellites with SU SU, FS, REG
Tic·Tac·Toe game featuring software data, included w/ Space Update, Earth Update, Space Weather FREE EU, SU, SW, FS
Tic·Tac·Toe Editor edit existing game datasets or create new ones BUY REG
Survey Software survey/quiz app that tracks user input data for analsis, includes Survey Editor BUY FS
Marquee kiosk app that lets user view videos by selecting poster thumbnails BUY REG
MediaShow buttonbox interface planetarium display software, includes MediaShow-Mirror BUY REG
MediaShow-Mirror limited version of MediaShow with screen-locked control window strip BUY REG
Polar Explorer kiosk application with 7 sections exploring polar topics FREE FULL
Unsupported Software Description Sales Download Notes*
Cosmos Clock screensaver, counts up/down from set time using planetary clocks FREE FULL
DataMiner mine numerous data topics from World Research Institute database FREE EU, FULL, FS, REG
HotSpots game activity trying to locate topical hot spots on the globe FREE EU, FULL, FS, REG
Evolution Of Our Solar System explore timeline of solar system formation and Earth evolution FREE FULL
Telescope Time Machine demo application using time & distance to explore astronomical objects FREE FULL
Mars Update Mars only version of Solar System Update FREE FULL
Mars Panoramas Standalone app that displays Mars panoramas as explorable VR images FREE FULL
Weather Almanac region specific kiosk app dislpaying current and historical weather data FREE FULL

EU = included with Earth Update purchase
SU = included with Space Update purchase
SW = included on free Space Weather disc
FS = full-screen version of application-only available for download
FULL = full application package available for download
REG = requires a registration key after 30-day demo period