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Data Miner

This fun interactive learning tool maps data available from the World Resources Institute. Users choose a data subject (biology, energy, food, people, water, wealth), then a data topic to explore (e.g. number of bird species) and an optional "mining tool" (e.g. per 1000 people), and the software calculates a world map colored with the data values.

Each of the 200 countries can be selected and viewed in more detail revealing data from the CIA World Fact Book. The results can be sorted by country name and calculated value. And the data scale can even be "stretched" to better show differences on the color map.

Many hours can be spent mining this archive of world data, and the application is perfectly suited for creating classroom lessons and activities.

Data Miner is available on the Earth Update CD and also as a FREE download.


  • numerous data topics to choose from
  • 5 mining tools to apply to selected data
  • date slider for multiple decades of data
  • both ends of the map color range can be easily changed
  • calculated data can be "stretched" from linear to enhance the map color differences
  • all 200 countries can be explored for detailed fact data
  • results can be sorted by country name and calculated vale
  • built in screensaver with configurable time to software reset

Sample screenshots