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Evolution Of Our Solar System screen

Evolution Of Our Solar System

This application is the software version of an over 30 foot long wall mural created by the Lunar Planetary Institute. Working directly with LPI, we created this kiosk application that allows a user to experience this very large artistic science undertaking on a desktop computer. The mural can be manipulated left and right with simple mouse movements and the graphics are filled with hot-spots that can be selected, triggering an animated window that reveals a closer view of the imagery and a description of that event or epoch on the timeline.

Evolution Of Our Solar System is available as a FREE download.


  • easy left-right scrolling interface
  • 65 different targets to select for more information
  • journey from the present Cenozoic period all the way back to the formation of the Solar System
  • external links to HMNS and LPI
  • links can be disabled using the config file

Sample screenshots