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Our SPACE WEATHER software answers questions about what space weather is and what it does in space and here on Earth.

It includes our SPACE WEATHER app that displays movies and images of the aurora and of the Sun in various wavelengths from the ground and from orbiting NASA spacecraft; a tutorial about what space weather is and how the aurora is formed; and much more! You'll also find real-time space weather conditions from current satellite missions and can download the latest data from our servers without leaving the application.

A TicTacToe game is also included that tests space weather knowledge.

This software is available for free download thanks to the MMS mission. Museums who wish to put this software on display in a kiosk can get the fullscreen version free. Contact us for details

ISBN: 978-1-931523-479


  • SPACE WEATHER software (Space Update)
  • "Why Does The Sun Shine?" - music video
  • Space Weather TicTacToe - knowledge game
  • Space Weather websites
    (included complete on the disc)
    "Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere", "The Great Magnet, the Earth". "From Stargazers to Starships" -
    POETRY -
  • Sounds - listen to Earth's natural radio emissions
  • Cindi In Space - educational comic
  • Space Weather Links - list of web resources

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