Telescope Time Machine monitor
Telescope Time Machine screen

Telescope Time Machine

This application is an incomplete but functional product demo intended for use as a kiosk accompanying the full-dome planetarium show IT'S ABOUT TIME produced by the Houston Museum of Natural Science. The interface is that of a theoretical telescope that allows the user to look deeper and deeper into space and therefore, farther back in time, as the light from farther objects takes longer to reach us and when we see them we are seeing them as they were long ago.

86 astronomical images are included ranging from the distance of the Sun to that of the Hubble Deep Field survey spanning nearly 10,000,000,000 light years.

Telescope Time Machine is available as a FREE download. If you demo this application, we would appreciate you sending any feedback you have to


  • 86 target objects for exploration
  • right ascension and declination for each object
  • detailed object caption
  • beautiful object images
  • fun slider interface that zooms objects into view
  • animated transitions upon object selection

Sample screenshots